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Sophia, Jake and Quinn Are 100% Unvaccinated, Smart and Healthy!

In this fifteen-minute family documentary we learn that ten-year-old Sophia, eight-year-old Jake and two-and-a-half-year-old Quinn have reached milestones early, have excelled academically, are incredibly healthy and well balanced, rarely get ill, and why their parents never vaccinated them. This is an eye-opening video for parents who are concerned about vaccine safety and efficacy but are unsure what would happen if they chose to stop vaccinating or never start!

Topics discussed include:

  • How often they get sick
  • How quickly they recover from illness
  • Concerns about childhood illnesses
  • Why all vaccines were declined
  • Academic and social advancement
  • Early milestones
  • How to handle pushback from family and friends
  • Co-measurement of the “health” of the vaccinated
  • Why these kids are not a threat to society
  • Musical, dancing, art, math, writing and story telling skills
  • Heightened emotional intelligence
  • Lack of chronic health ailments
  • Alternative schooling options
  • Children interviews
  • Alternative doctors
  • Advice for parents on the fence
  • And so much more

If you liked the video and want to learn more about how to raise a vaccine free child, go to the documentary website – – select Course and go through the free 12-part course, How To Raise A Healthy Vaccine Free Child, which covers the essentials that every parent must understand.

Story and video provided courtesy of Larry Cook.


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