The Vaccine Free Parenting Masterclass

A Parent’s Guide To Raising Healthy Vaccine Free Children

From Conception to College

Everything you need to know to raise healthy, vibrant, milestone busting children. Includes detailed information on why and how to go 100% vaccine free, repair a vaccine damaged child and fight vaccine mandates.

Launches Summer 2020

Dr. Arlan Cage, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

"The Vaccine Free Parenting Masterclass is every parent’s answer to how to raise healthy children without injecting them with poisons.  I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Larry for more than a dozen years, and when he asked me to participate in this project, I was thrilled. 


The material he has come up with will provide you with everything you need. First there is discussion of the true science and process of vaccinations, from their toxic ingredients to their complete lack of efficacy. Most important, however, are the instructions for what to do once you realize that vaccinations won’t make your child healthy. 


Before retiring as a Naturopath and Acupuncturist, I found that nutrition and the proper amounts of the essential nutrients are crucial for the proper functioning of our immune systems. It is a proper functioning immune system, by the way, that makes vaccinations obsolete.


I really like the way Larry will pull in a variety of experts to address all aspects of this subject. I was thrilled to be able to contribute my many years experience as a scientist, researcher, and especially a nutritional, holistic clinician helping parents raise vaccine free children to assist in this project. If you would like to help more widely inform the public, those who have not yet done all the research themselves, to see the bigger picture and start to create real change, please support this project."

What if you could protect your child’s health without all the inherent risks associated with vaccination?

What if you could watch a few dozen experts and parents give in-depth explanations about…


  • Natural immunity vs vaccination
  • The failed history of vaccination
  • Germ theory vs terrain theory
  • Injection vs ingestion
  • Vaccine ingredients overview
  • How homeopathy was used to stop outbreaks
  • The role sanitation, plumbing and refrigeration played in mortality reduction
  • An overview of polio and all of the infections there are vaccines for
  • Vaccine failure and why outbreaks happen
  • Herd immunity
  • Vaccinated vs unvaccinated studies
  • Travel vaccines
  • Vaccine shedding and spreading disease to others
  • Vaccine safety testing
  • The problem with aluminum and mercury in vaccines
  • Vaccine industry legal immunity
  • CDC cover-up that vaccines cause autism
  • How to read a vaccine insert
  • The role of MTHFR in vaccine injury
  • Detoxification after vaccination
  • The immunocompromised population
  • Chronic illness after vaccination
  • Vaccine injury, damage and death after vaccination
  • Autism
  • Vaccine “science” and where it comes from
  • The mainstream media narrative
  • And dozens of other topics


  • A birth plan
  • Home birth vs hospital birth
  • Vitamin K
  • Breastfeeding
  • Food, nutrition and immune building
  • Supplements for health and immunity
  • A natural home is a toxic free home
  • How to talk to your pediatrician
  • How to find a vaccine free doctor
  • Homeschooling
  • How to talk to others about your vaccine status
  • Special concerns (e.g., what about chickenpox parties?)
  • If you must vaccinate (e.g., by court order)
  • What to do when a child gets sick (extensive overview)
  • When to call your primary doctor or go to the ER
  • And dozens of other topics


  • Complete overview of therapies and resources


  • How to talk with legislators
  • Social media activism
  • Creating your activist plan


  • Vaccine injury stories
  • Raising vaccine free children stories
  • Activist stories and guidance 


Do you believe watching such a video course featuring numerous experts and parents combined with additional text about these topics with links to resources would be valuable - even ESSENTIAL - to you and other parents?


I sure do!


Stephanie Stock LPTA

President of Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom

"Recently I was asked by Larry Cook to give input on adding vaccine and advocacy content to his outline for his upcoming “Vaccine Free Parenting Masterclass: A Parent’s Guide To Raising Healthy Vaccine Free Children” docu-series. This series covers a number of issues parents face when opting out of the mainstream allopathic approach to health. Most of us in the vaccine risk aware and natural communities understand that true health doesn’t come through a needle. Unfortunately, many of us learned this at the expense of our injured child. But, Larry’s course can help parents get there BEFORE a child has to suffer harm! I’m greatly looking forward to seeing the series in its entirety and sharing it with other parents so they can see what their options are, and choose a path of health they feel is in the best interest of their children."

I believe that when parents have the full vaccination vs natural immunity picture they will go 100% vaccine free, raise vibrantly healthy children and get totally engaged to help stop vaccine mandates! 


Which is why I have been working on this project for the last year and am now working with activists and doctors to review the project and make it ready for the forthcoming video interviews and content finalization. Much of this online course comes directly from the questions parents have asked in my Stop Mandatory vaccination Facebook Group over the last four and a half years and I have literally hundreds of data points - in a sequential, logical order - laid out for every parent who wants to raise a healthy vaccine free child.


I am also building in CENSORSHIP WORKAROUNDS to help ensure we can reach as many people as possible with this valuable information - both online AND OFFLINE.


This project is a combination of a docu-series, summit and online course all wrapped up in one with a free viewing and a paid option. It has the potential to reach and help millions of parents!


This is literally the biggest project I have ever created but I am fully committed to turning it into a reality. A massive amount of planning and strategizing has gone into this project. I’m excited about it and I hope you will be too! There are numerous, numerous expenses involved in the development and execution of The Vaccine Free Parenting Masterclass and so I am FUNDRAISING $25,000 to ensure I can get the interviews I want, put the entire package together and market it via my censorship workarounds to reach as many parents as possible! 

Although I am moving forward with or without additional funding, YOUR CONTRIBUTION TO MY PROJECT WILL HELP ENSURE MAXIMUM IMPACT AND EXPOSURE. Thank you for the consideration!


Larry Cook

Stop Mandatory Vaccination

The Vaccine Free Child

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Ashley Everly

Toxicologist | Mother | Activist | Science Writer |

"As more and more of our population becomes aware that the unbiased medical research and epidemiological evidence does not support the claim, that vaccines are safe and effective, parents and parents to-be are asking the question: “How do I raise a healthy, vaccine-free child?”

Raising a healthy child in this world can feel overwhelming, especially when there is so much to learn, and so much conflicting information to sort through. That is why this project is so desperately needed. Parents will receive the information they need to confidently break free from the vaccine-dependent mindset that so many of us were once prisoner to, while witnessing the amazing benefits of natural solutions.

Please consider supporting the work on this project. It is my hope that this important work will serve to provide the support for all our friends and family who are questioning and searching for clarity amidst a sea of misinformation, to choose to go vaccine-free."

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