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4. Vaccine Safety Fraud

Brittney Kara: Our Children Are Being Destroyed By Vaccines & More

Vaccine Safety

The vaccine industry and those who inject vaccine products claim that vaccines are safe and that vaccine injury is “1 in a million.” When a parent tells a pediatrician that their child experienced adverse events/reactions or was harmed, injured or killed by vaccines the common response is that it is “normal” and that the vaccine is “working,” or that it is a “coincidence.” Pediatricians, emergency room doctors and medical examiners doing autopsies repeat the same mantra over and over and over again to parents: it was NOT the vaccines, and then that ends the discussion. No tests. No investigation. No nothing. There is no standard protocol performed when a previously healthy infant or child dies shortly after vaccination, to determine if vaccines were the cause. And yet, here in the USA we have the highest infant mortality rate that coincides with the highest vaccination rate for the industrialized world, and we have a 1 in 36 autism rate according to the CDC, and we have parents everywhere sharing their stories that their children were harmed, damaged or killed by vaccines (and now these stories are being censored). And this does not include the children who suffer allergies, ear infections, asthma, and other “common” childhood ailments that rarely afflict the unvaccinated.

So what’s really happening then? In short, it’s vaccine safety fraud. In so, so many ways. Many activists focus on this specific topic quite a bit, including Robert F Kennedy, Jr., Del Bigtree, Dr. Jim Meehan and James Lyons-Weiler – I recommend following them all. Below are a few examples of the vaccine safety fraud that happens on a regular basis.

Short Monitor Duration

Even though the very complicated immune system is being screwed around with by the vaccine industry, the safety testing for vaccines is often for a very short duration, as if complications could not happen in the future from vaccine administration. For example, the HepB vaccine says right on the vaccine package insert that subjects were monitored for only 4 days post-administration AND there is no placebo control group. Another example:  the MMR vaccine has been found to be able to cause chronic arthritis, and you can petition the VICP/vaccine court to receive compensation for this, as it is listed on the Vaccine Injury Table. However, there is a time limit on how far past the date of administration that your child must have begun experiencing symptoms of chronic arthritis, in order to be compensated. That limit is 42 days. Why? Because MMR-vaccine recipients were only monitored for 42 days in clinical trials.

Safety studies with no true inert saline placebos

The gold standard in DRUG safety testing is to use a double blind placebo control study, which means that 1) the doctor nor patient knows which product is the drug and which product is the placebo (that’s the “double-blind”), and 2) a placebo (in drug testing) is an inert nontoxic substance like a sugar pill, or saline solution (salt water). That is how DRUGS are tested. HOWEVER, when it comes to vaccine “safety” testing, this is not the case. Rather, in virtually all instances, the exact same ingredients found in a vaccine are used as the placebo, minus the antigen, and then injected into the “control” group. So when both the control group and the test group have the same reactions (however damning those reactions are), the vaccine maker can say that the vaccines are “safe” because the severe reactions and injuries were relatively similar in both groups. Does this sound like fraud to you?

Watch Del Bigtree’s interview of an ex-Merck scientist give his view on vaccine “safety” testing:

Safety studies on multiple vaccines injected (at once & over time)

Vaccines are neither safety tested for 1) multiple vaccines given at once, nor 2) for the cumulative effect of injecting vaccines over time. These just don’t happen and the excuse is because it’s “unethical” to *not* administer “life-saving vaccines.”

However, you do not have to subject people to pathogens to perform SAFETY studies.

Dr. Coleen Boyle admits under Oath that the CDC has done NO studies of vaccinated and unvaccinated children regarding Autism:

Vaccines: Stories of Harm

Safety studies on vaccine ingredients

Emphasis on aluminum (used as an adjuvant)

  • Aluminum was never tested for safety when injected. The amount of aluminum used in vaccines is based on efficacy as an adjuvant – of producing an immune response (antibody production), not on safety. In 1975, nine aluminum compounds were added to the FDA “GRAS” List (Generally Recognized As Safe). This meant that no research needed to be conducted in order to use these aluminum compounds in various industrial applications, including in vaccines.
  • Current “safety” studies on vaccines that are used to defend the use of aluminum in vaccines are highly flawed. Rather than looking at where aluminum is deposited in the body, they typically assume it is metabolized and detoxified even though it is not being excreted from the body via urine.
  • Studies show aluminum is highly neurotoxic at very low levels of exposure and can cause neurobehavioral changes and developmental delays, is linked to autism, and more.
  • Chris Exley, a PhD in aluminum toxicology, has been studying aluminum for 35 years. Previously he was researching aluminum and the affect on the brain, with particular interest to Alzheimer’s disease. His research has been funded by university, by government, and even by the industry. However when he began looking into aluminum adjuvants in vaccines, he could no longer get funding for his research. He found that low levels of aluminum may (in other words) thwart immune system defenses / not engage the immune system like larger doses would, which can cause toxicity.
  • Dose makes the poison is true but the curve of that relationship is not always linear. Smaller doses may not trigger an immune response. The aluminum is then able to be deposited in vital organs like the brain. Over time, frequent doses of aluminum which don’t trigger enough of an immune response in some individuals, results in bioaccumulation of aluminum in tissues.
  • There is a key concept regarding vaccine ingredient safety that is clearly being ignored by pharmaceutical companies, government agencies and medical professionals, which is the concept of total toxic load. It is the sum total of all the toxins in the body that our detoxification systems must deal with. A given dosage of mercury, or aluminum, or any of the other toxins in vaccines may not by itself be enough to trigger a toxic reaction. But the total cumulative load of all the toxins can far exceed our body’s ability to cope. Synergistic toxicity is ignored. Aluminum is toxic. Mercury/thimerosal is toxic. Combined, the toxicity far exceeds the sum of its parts.
  • Then, with 4-6 or more toxins combined, each of which usually exceeds the toxic limit for that substance, the body essentially never has a chance. The toxic limits (in terms of ppm, or mg/kg of body weight) are developed with the assumption that there is only one toxin present in the body. THIS IS LITERALLY A FATAL ASSUMPTION! And there are no established limits for injecting these substances, based on proper science and safety!
  • Infants don’t yet have a functioning immune system. The elderly are often weak and worn down and often already in poor health. Vaccinating these two most-at-risk populations virtually guarantees a toxic overload. Yes, because the immune system hardly responds to threats. And any antibodies that may develop are transient (not that that provides any protection anyway).
  • A major conclusion from this is that the toxins from vaccines (from anywhere actually) are cumulatively bad. They don’t mysteriously and magically neutralize each other. But the reason why vaccines are a larger part of the problem with toxic environmental exposures is because it is a direct injection of toxic substances into the body. It is bypassing any natural defense mechanisms and barriers we have in place to defend or protect our internal environment.
  • FDA regulated limit on parenteral IVs for premature infants is the only limit we have to compare. Set at 4-5mcg/kg/day in order to prevent toxicity. Infants and children are receiving much more than this in their vaccines:

Safety studies on public health measure products

Since vaccines are considered a public health measure they don’t have to go through the same strict testing as a pharmaceutical drug would.

“My Family Was Devastated By Vaccines (AUTISM!)”


Thimerosal is a mercury-containing organic compound (an organomercurial). Since the 1930s, it has been widely used as a preservative in a number of biological and drug products, including many vaccines, to (supposedly) help prevent potentially life threatening contamination with harmful microbes.

Thimerosal breaks down into ethyl mercury (organic mercury compound) in the body. Many studies have found that injecting thimerosal via vaccines is harmful. The excuse for saying that it’s safe is that it is quickly eliminated as compared to methyl mercury (the kind of mercury we are exposed to when we eat contaminated fish). This is a deceptive tactic – it is not eliminated from the BODY more quickly, although it may be eliminated from the BLOOD more quickly. What was found is that when you compare injecting ethyl mercury to ingesting methyl mercury, much more ethyl mercury ends up being deposited in the brain as inorganic mercury (the kind that gets trapped in the brain and unable to be removed – not easily crossing the blood brain barrier).

Ethyl mercury/thimerosal: the highly significant data from Leo Kanner’s first published cases of autism points to the introduction of ethyl mercury as the time when Autism began. It was first used as an agricultural fungicide, and quickly as a vaccine preservative for the same reason. Dan Olmstead & Mark Blaxill’s book “Age of Autism – Mercury, Medicine and a Manmade Epidemic” re-evaluates the first 11 cases of autism, including one patient whose father as a researcher in ethyl mercury fungicides.

Many people falsely believe that thimerosal was removed from all vaccines. It was removed from most vaccines in 1999. It remains present at significantly toxic amounts in multi-dose flu vaccines, and others contain “trace amounts” – see the documentary Trace Amounts.

Vaccine Industry Non-Liability

In 1986 Congress passed a law shielding vaccine manufacturers from liability if their products injure, maim or kill. A $.75 tax, paid by taxpayers, is collected on every vaccine sold which goes into a fund to pay for vaccine injury and death. So far, over 4.2 billion dollars has been paid out for vaccine injury and death from vaccines – all from taxes on vaccines (which is pushed down to the consumer). However, it’s been estimated that less than 1% of the reported adverse reactions represent the true total; and I would suggest it’s more like 1/1,000 of one percent. Doctors, by and large, do not report adverse events, and most parents do not even know to report them or how to do so.

Doctors also say on a regular basis that the injury/damage/death is not due to vaccines, which further complicates and confuses the situation. And most importantly, vaccine makers are no longer liable, so, they can literally kill and injure as many people and children as they want with no incentive to create safer products, all backed by the corrupt medical professionals who refuse to even report what they see. It’s corruption on top of corruption.

Vaccine Injury Destroys Lives So Listen To Parents and Not Pediatricians

Route of Entry

There is a huge difference between ingesting a substance, and having it injected. In short, ingestion means the substance will go through various filtration systems, meet barriers, undergo metabolism and detoxification processes but if it is injected those filtration and detoxification systems are bypassed. As an aside, when we are talking about pathogens, ingestion (natural exposure) produces a full immune response, whereas injecting pathogens (antigens) does not, which then requires a toxic adjuvant to cause that immune response. Some notes:

  • The digestive tract acts as a barrier to toxic substances, so that we do not absorb them (or absorb very little) into our blood stream. What we absorb is first distributed to the liver and may be immediately detoxified and then excreted.
  • “A subcutaneous injection is beneath the skin. Since the subcutaneous tissue is quite vascular (consisting of vessels especially those carrying blood), absorption into the systemic circulation is generally rapid.”
  • “The intramuscular route is used to inject many pharmaceuticals, especially antibiotics and vaccines, directly into muscle tissue… Absorption from muscle is about the same as from subcutaneous.
  • Injection through the skin is a very unnatural process for the immune system, and rather than toxic substances being distributed to the liver for detoxification, these foreign chemical invaders can become lodged in the muscle tissue and cause damage and inflammation and/or then be distributed to the rest of our vital organs and tissues.
  • Chris Exley may be able to explain well how macrophages trap aluminum at the injection site, then travel to other areas of the body and dump their alum.
  • ASIA – Autoimmune Autoinflammatory Syndrome Induced by adjuvants: aluminum-containing vaccines are triggering autoimmunity in susceptible individuals. Documentary, “Injecting Aluminum.” (Gherardi & Shoenfeld)
  • Aluminum Exposures from Diet and Vaccines in the First Six Months of Life – IPAK: (James Lyons-Weiler, PhD)

What Vaccine Inserts Say (adverse reactions)

Amazingly, vaccine makers do produce something called a vaccine insert (or vaccine package insert), which is a very detailed overview of every aspect of the vaccine, including adverse events that the manufacturer discovered during testing. Is everything included on a vaccine insert or is it a complete overview with all possible scenarios? Absolutely not. But the very fact that they even create these is remarkable and they do help paint the picture that vaccines are dangerous. (for inserts only – this is a biased website.) Or use

Parents Share Stories of Vaccine Injury and Death

Why Do Vaccines Harm Some and Not Others?

Based on everything I have learned about vaccines, I would suggest to you that every vaccination causes some harm, whether it manifests externally after vaccination or not. So, it’s really just a matter of degree. There are many explanations for why some have more obvious signs of chronic health problems, injury, damage or death compared to the rest of the vaccinated population.

Vaccine Injury Factors

  • Nutrition/malnourishment/nutrient deficiency & genetics are biggest factors.
  • Whether or not Tylenol was utilized before or after vaccination. Tylenol depletes glutathione, which is the body’s master detoxification agent, so when Tylenol is administered after vaccination it compounds an already perilous situation.
  • Microbiome is the gut bacteria, and if it is off, then so too will be the detoxification process. Antibiotic use upsets the microbiome. Vaccines contain antibiotics also.
  • Variations in administration of the vaccine itself.
  • Number of vaccines given at one time.
  • Cumulative toxic load: child may have some issues post vaccination, but then during the next vaccination round child becomes damaged or is killed.
  • “Bad batches” of vaccines or improper storage. Example: the neurotypical triplets who all became autistic post vaccination.
  • There can be a MTHFR genetic issue – which means detoxification is genetically impaired.
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction (Hannah Poling example)
  • Current infections / fever / cold symptoms
  • Underlying evidence of an overburdened immune system or toxic load (eczema, for example).

MTHFR Explained

  • MTHFR stands for methylenetetrahydrofolate (methylene-tetra-hydra-folate) reductase. It is a gene that encodes for an enzyme. If there is a mutation on this gene, it affects the folding structure of the enzyme. This enzyme converts folic acid to folate. If the enzyme cannot fold correctly, it will struggle to bind to folic acid for conversion. Folate is important for glutathione production. Glutathione is the major detoxifying molecule in the body. Therefore, those who have mutations on this gene will have a reduced capacity to detoxify harmful substances they are exposed to.
  • There are varying degrees to which this gene can be mutated. One copy = heterozygous. Two copies = homozygous. Two copies is more severe. On average (depends on ethnicity), 10% of the population has two copies of C677T (homozygous). This greatly reduces detox capacity. 50% or more of the population has the less severe form (heterozygous). Different forms include:
    • Heterozygous C677T
    • Heterozygous A1298C
    • Homozygous C677T
    • Homozygous A1298C
    • Compound Heteozygous

The Many Forms Of Vaccine Injury and What To Do Next

What about detox after vaccination?

  • A parent should never assume that a vaccine can be given to their child and then a simple “detox” will “undo” the damage. It does not work that way, at all. Any and every vaccine has the potential to injure, permanently damage or kill a child, and there is no test available to determine with 100% assurance what the outcome will be.
  • You cannot “undo” a vaccine that has been given. You cannot see inside of the body and know what vulnerabilities or susceptibilities lie under the surface (there are several genetic polymorphisms at play).
  • Aborted fetal DNA fragments may integrate into the vaccinated individual’s genome and make permanent changes to DNA expression.
  • Damage from vaccines can be helped/repaired, but there are no guarantees for health to be regained (and requires dedication and strict adherence to dietary changes among other things), especially after a certain developmental stage/age and/or certain types of damage.
  • Vaccine injury treatment is addressed later

Immunocompromised children and vaccination

One argument for vaccine mandates is that the immune compromised cannot be vaccinated and therefore everyone else must be. Here are some thoughts:

  • How did they become immunocompromised?
    • Health and diet of the mother, mom’s toxic load, vaccines in pregnancy and/or vaccines after birth can contribute to an immune compromised state.
    • Did the very thing being mandated – vaccines – cause the immune compromised state in the first place?
  • Is it society’s responsibility to “protect” other’s children, by potentially sacrificing theirs?
    • Of course we should care about each other. We should do whatever we can to help protect and keep each other safe. That is, until you ask someone to harm their own child in order to do so. This logic cannot stand. No one should be asked to play Russian roulette or knowingly harm their child to potentially protect “the herd” (which we cannot do anyway, even with 100% vaccination rates).
  • Herd immunity fallacy
    • The entire argument in support of mandates is based on the concept of vaccine-acquired herd immunity. This is a false concept that doesn’t hold water. Vaccines cannot achieve herd immunity because they do not work as claimed.
      • They cannot provide lifetime immunity.
      • They only provoke antibodies which we know now is not a true measure of protection.
      • Vaccines are meant to elicit antibody production, yet fail to do so in a considerable portion of the population that receives them (“Primary Vaccine Failure”).
      • Antibodies that develop post-vaccination wane / diminish over time depending on the vaccine (5-15 years on average) and leave individuals susceptible to infection again (if antibodies are protective at all). “Secondary Vaccine Failure.”
      • Vaccines can cause or spread the very infections they intend to prevent. “Vaccine-Associated” illness/infection and “Shedding.”
    • Some states are attempting to do away with or have done away with medical exemptions except for immediate anaphylactic reactions and cases of transverse myelitis post-vaccination, per the CDC guidelines. Therefore, exactly WHO is the HERD protecting if even those with chronic health conditions and family history of autoimmune diseases, etc. are required to be vaccinated under state mandates? Their answer: newborns and infants unable to be vaccinated, (the ones that the practice of vaccination has left most vulnerable) and yet…
    • The goal is to have EVERYONE VACCINATED. And we STILL won’t be able to achieve herd immunity because of vaccine failure. They are DESIGNED to FAIL because they are based on faulty THEORY. So they would have us get boosters FOR LIFE. Except that the body/immune system starts to no longer respond to this provocation, as we have seen with a potential third dose of MMR:

After Vaccines Cause Epilepsy in Toddler Mom Stops Vaccinating All Children

Chronic illness after vaccination

Don’t Trust Doctors Who Vaccinate and Cause Seizures or Harm

Vaccine injury after vaccination

There is crossover between a vaccine injury and chronic health issue, but essentially a vaccine injury is simply a much more severe situation. An injury can range from subtle impacts like chronic infections, developmental delays, and joint or arthritic pain, to more immediate reactions such as vomiting, diarrhea, rashes, seizures, neurological regression, respiratory issues, etc. This can also include lifelong permanent damage.

Severe neurological problems

Initial signs of neurotoxicity in infants and children include: irritability, prolonged crying/screaming, inconsolability – this is encephalitis, brain inflammation and swelling. If the child’s immune system and detoxification defenses are overwhelmed, this will turn into neurological damage. Signs of neurological damage include: loss of eye contact, behavioral changes, regression in speech/language and motor skills, developmental delays, and more.

Vaccine injury may take months or years to manifest, as seen with MMF and ASIA. Case studies found it can take on average a 3 months to 8 years, but up to ten years for autoimmune symptoms like arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, etc. to manifest after receiving aluminum containing vaccines. The scope of vaccine injury is enormous, considering how many people receive aluminum containing vaccines and have autoimmune conditions today. No one is being tested for whether or not vaccination played a role (except in France where they are actually treating MMF & ASIA).

Studies can be found at: Vaccine.Guide >> Adverse Reactions >> Autoimmunity.

MMR Vaccination Plunges Child Into Autism and Mom Will Never Vaccinate Again


For many, many decades the autism rate was 1 in 10,000, and then the rate began to explode in the 80’s (corresponding to the vaccine schedule increase) to where it is now, 1 in 36. In the book “The Age of Autism” authors Dan Olmsted and Mark F. Blaxill share the history of autism and autism diagnoses is explored with ample evidence pointing to mercury, heavy metal exposure (environmental and other sources) and vaccines as a causative factor in the development of autism. Do vaccines cause autism? Yes. Are they the only cause? No. Are some children more susceptible than others? Absolutely. Does the CDC know that vaccines cause autism? Yes, that is what the documentary “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe” is about and also why it is censored.

Here are some more points to consider:

  • Regressive autism is when a healthy child goes in for shots and then (often) develops a high fever, screams a high pitched scream (brain swelling), falls into a deep sleep, and wakes up unable to talk, walk, make eye contact, stares off into space, bangs their head on the wall, toe walks, etc. And then gets diagnosed with autism. Pro-vaxxer apologists say there is no evidence that the vaccine caused this (“correlation does not equal causation”), but Dr. Andrew Wakefield has said this is an example of a disease process with a clear pathology.
  • The autism rate was 1 in 10,000 for decades, now it is 1 in 36.
  • Mechanism of action for injury: there are many, but brain swelling and gut function destruction are common causes.
  • In 1986 vaccine makers were shielded from injury and death liability, by 1989 there was a dramatic increase in required shots – often with mercury included, by 1991 mercury was being phased out of childhood vaccination but at the same time the mercury containing flu shot was then pushed for pregnant women. A fetus is a magnet for heavy metals – there was an increase of babies being born with “autism.” dives deep into this specific topic.
  • There was an increase use of aluminum in vaccines after mercury was removed and aluminum adjuvants have never been scientifically determined safe prior to use in vaccines. Aluminum exposure has been directly linked to autism in many studies. Aluminum toxicity itself mimics the same set of symptoms as autism. Chris Exley’s “Aluminum in brain tissue in Autism.” Autistic children excrete less aluminum, which means they are unable to eliminate it / they are harboring it instead of getting it out of the body. In one study 98% of autistic individuals had a MTHFR gene mutation, meaning these children struggle with detoxification. It all fits together when you look at aluminum (and mercury exposure), MTHFR gene mutations, and autism.
  • Not better diagnosing: the medical industry blames the increase, in part, on better diagnosing. However, people who have been around for a few decades and who work with children (teachers especially) know this is not true.
  • “Denial” by Olmsted & Blaxill is another good book on this topic.
  • Autism recovery and proof of vaccine damage: Sometimes, though not always, a detoxification protocol along with other natural healing methods can recover an autistic child, especially one that had regressed after vaccination and if dietary/nutritional interventions and treatment is started early enough. This is called biomedical treatment for Autism. Certain medical professionals recognize vaccine injury and know how to treat it, while other medical professionals are actively causing vaccine injury.
  • Autism omnibus proceedings and corruption of the DOJ. “How to End the Autism Epidemic” by JB Handley. Sheryl Attkisson’s video:

9 Vaccines In One Day Cause Autism and Severe Sickness In Child

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

There are two particularly important sets of data which are the ultimate “smoking gun” regarding SIDS being vaccine side effects. 1) Dawn Richardson of Parents requesting Open Vaccine Education (PROVE) conducted research through the city of Austin, Texas morgue and documented that infants whose death certificate listed SIDS as a cause of death, had their deaths disproportionately clustered around the 2, 4, and 6 month time frames. Any other cause should have shown a random distribution over that time span. 2) In Austria in 1970, a law was passed making vaccinations optional. Approximately 50% of parents opted out. The first year there was a 50% drop in deaths from SIDS in Austria.

A very common occurrence is for infants to die within 48 hours of being vaccinated yet across the board medical examiners ALWAYS refuse to run the proper tests needed to determine if vaccines were a cause, or not. They simply will not do the tests so all we have are the parent stories of their infants who died right after being vaccinated.

Vaccine Court / VAERS

  • VICP originally intended to provide quick compensation to families of vaccine injury. 2/3 of all petitions to the Vaccine Court are denied, and it is very difficult to win in Vaccine Court. It’s a long arduous process.
  • Over 99% of vaccine adverse events are not captured by the VAERS system. While automated reporting to VAERS is possible, the CDC has chosen to not implement an automated reporting system of vaccine injury. Why? because the CDC officials were no longer responding to multiple requests to move forward with implementation.

Vaccine Free Mom: Vaccination Caused Asthma, Anaphylactic Shock and Shingles In Eye

Doctors Always Dismiss Vaccine Injury

When a parent says their child was harmed or killed by vaccination the pediatrician and all other doctors involved in the situation, including medical examiners, have three standard answers for the parent: 1) It was a “coincidence,” 2) It’s “normal,” and 3) it’s Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). There is an intense cover-up happening to ensure the vaccine program continues on, no matter how many children are injured and killed in the process.

Medical Examiners, during their autopsies, DO NOT assess for toxicity or damage from vaccination. No protocol is performed to check for vaccine injury upon the sudden death of a child who recently received vaccines.

The suppression of the truth makes proper treatment of these injured children more difficult, and in the case of death, filing a petition with the “Vaccine Court” is nearly impossible. Of course, the denial and lies by the doctors also obstructs the true injury and death numbers caused by vaccines. Interestingly, even when a parent “wins” in “vaccine court” they are not allowed to state the cause of death as vaccine related. The cover-up runs very, very deep.

Here is some additional research into vaccines causing death:

Corrupt Vaccine “Safety Testing” Explained By Dr. Andrew Wakefield

The Dangerous HPV Vaccine

Merck is currently being sued for fraud relating to the development / manufacture of the HPV vaccine. The HPV vaccine has never been proven to stop cancer and yet has killed hundreds of teens and maimed tens of thousands more.

It is a documented fact that since the introduction of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination in 2006, more adverse reactions have been reported than with any other vaccine. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) VigiAccess database, as of August 13, 2018, there had been a total of 84,986 reports of adverse reactions filed. These reports included 37,249 reports of nervous system disorders; 2514 reported cardiac disorders, including 35 cardiac arrests; 542 reports of postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS); over 3000 reports of seizures or epilepsy; 8430 reports of syncope; and 401 reported deaths. These statistics are increasing every day and it was after reading these statistics, that I, along with Amanda Dew, whose daughter was injured after receiving the vaccine, decided to write a book highlighting the dangers of the HPV vaccine. However, we believe that our voices alone are not powerful enough to share our message, and for this reason, we decided to make this book very different from any other book. We decided to ask professionals from around the world to each write a chapter describing their own unique experiences of the HPV vaccination. See Shattered Dreams:


The medical industry uses a coding system to identify various health conditions, including death. The current system in place is ICD-10. Prior to 1979, ICD-8 and ICD-9 were used, and up until 1979 there was an ICD-9 code for vaccine-induced death. That was removed in 1979.

Vaccine Calculator
Want to see how much vaccine poison was injected into your children (if you vaccinated)? You can use the Vaccine Calculator (requires payment) to quickly and easily determine the ingredients of any combination of vaccines.

How The MMR Vaccine Is Linked To Autism and The CDC Cover-Up

The Vaccine Free Parenting MasterClass

1. Natural Immunity Versus Vaccination
2. What Really Saved Us From Disease?
3. Vaccine Efficacy Failure
4. Vaccine Safety Fraud
5. Vaccine “Science,” Cover-Up and Manipulation
6. Vaccine Injury Is Everywhere
7. A Healthy Family Is Your Child’s Best Defense
8. Don’t Panic When Your Child Gets Sick
9. The “Vaccine Preventable Illnesses” Explained
10. Staying Vaccine Free In A Hostile World
11. Vaccine Injury Treatment and Recovery
12. Join The Fight To End Medical Tyranny

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