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Welcome to my course, The Vaccine Free Parenting MasterClass!

In 2019 I asked members of my Stop Mandatory Vaccination Facebook Group (Facebook deleted it in Nov 2020) what they wanted to know about vaccines, natural immunity and everything surrounding the topic of raising a vaccine free child and I took that information along with my own research to create this course. In short, once educated, parents go vaccine free because vaccines do not confer immunity, do not prevent disease, do not prevent death, fail all the time, cause chronic health ailments, cause injuries, cause lifelong damage, cause death, and never saved us from disease.

This course took a full year to create, not including the videos I shot which are a culmination of five years worth of work (with a couple older videos as well). I designed the course to provide what I believe to be the logical, sequential way of looking at vaccination and natural immunity and how to thus raise a vaccine free child. The content has been reviewed by several experts and I believe that if you take the time to go through it and watch the videos and even check out some of the links to more information, that by the time you complete my course you will grasp how and why to raise a healthy vaccine free child!

To your health, the health of your children and the health of humanity!


Although numbered and designed to be taken in sequential order, you can select (click) any lesson to review and start learning!

The Vaccine Free Parenting MasterClass

1. Natural Immunity Versus Vaccination
2. What Really Saved Us From Disease?
3. Vaccine Efficacy Failure
4. Vaccine Safety Fraud
5. Vaccine “Science,” Cover-Up and Manipulation
6. Vaccine Injury Is Everywhere
7. A Healthy Family Is Your Child’s Best Defense
8. Don’t Panic When Your Child Gets Sick
9. The “Vaccine Preventable Illnesses” Explained
10. Staying Vaccine Free In A Hostile World
11. Vaccine Injury Treatment and Recovery
12. Join The Fight To End Medical Tyranny

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kayci lehman
kayci lehman (@guest_14)
2 years ago

Thank you for everything!

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