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6. Vaccine Injury Is Everywhere

Del Bigtree: “Our Children Are Being Sold To The Pharmaceutical Industry”

Vaccine Injury Epidemic

In my Facebook group Stop Mandatory Vaccination there are tens of thousands of parents who have both vaccinated children and unvaccinated children. The common story among them all is the same: the unvaccinated children, are bright, thriving, healthy, and do not suffer from chronic ear infections, asthma, allergies, eczema, and dozens of other seemingly common health ailments seen in their vaccinated siblings.

Moving up the ladder of severity, the same can be said for ADHD/ADD, autoimmune issues, seizures, autism, neurological damage, and other serious ailments. Are vaccines the only cause of these health problems? No, certainly not, as environmental toxins, nutritional intake, heavy metal toxicity and many other factors do play a role. HOWEVER, as a general rule then, when vaccines are added into the mix, the highly toxic nature of vaccines generates a cascade of problems that could easily make a child more susceptible to other environmental triggers and nutritional deficits that could lead to chronic health problems or injury.

I believe that every single vaccine causes harm – to a greater or lesser degree, seen or unseen. The very mechanism of action required to create antibodies is a dangerous process in and of itself. Aggressively over-stimulating the humoral immune system is bound to cause problems – seen or unseen. What’s interesting is that many of the common childhood ailments in the vaccinated population are also listed as side effects on vaccine manufacturer package inserts, yet doctors don’t make the connection, even with it plainly stated for them.

Chronic Illness After Vaccination

Doctors deny connection

From the HHS funded study on VAERS, we know that the vast majority of medical professionals are unaware of vaccine adverse events when they occur and do not consider the fact that new health issues may be linked to vaccines that were received days, weeks or even months earlier (which is a real possibility, with autoimmune conditions like arthritis, etc.). Even on the Vaccine Injury Table for the VICP, it is stated that individuals can develop chronic arthritis post-MMR vaccine 42 days later.


The MMR & MMRV vaccines are known to cause an increased risk of febrile seizures post-vaccination (7-10 days later).

Nonfebrile seizures post MMR:


Respiratory concerns are commonly listed on inserts.


Rashes listed on practically every insert.


Antigens combined with casein, egg, etc. and injected into the body along with an adjuvant, trains the immune system to identify these food substances / proteins as harmful invaders.

Sleep disturbances

Parents have mentioned sleep disturbances, especially night terrors.

9 Vaccines In 1 Visit Causes Severe Vaccine Injury To Child

Vaccine Injury After Vaccination

Vaccine injury can range from subtle impacts like chronic infections, developmental delays, and joint or arthritic pain, to more immediate reactions such as vomiting, diarrhea, rashes, seizures, neurological regression, respiratory issues, etc.

Severe neurological problems

Initial signs of neurotoxicity in infants and children include: irritability, prolonged crying/screaming and inconsolability – this is encephalitis, brain inflammation and swelling. If the child’s immune system and detoxification defenses are overwhelmed, this will turn into neurological damage. Signs of neurological damage include: loss of eye contact, behavioral changes, regression in speech/language and motor skills, developmental delays, and more.

Vaccine injury may take months or years to manifest, as seen with MMF and ASIA. Case studies found it can take on average a 3 months to 8 years, but up to ten years for autoimmune symptoms like arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, etc. to manifest after receiving aluminum containing vaccines. The scope of vaccine injury is enormous, considering how many people receive alum containing vaccines and who have autoimmune conditions today. No one is being tested for whether or not vaccination played a role, and there is little to no follow-up when it comes to VAERS reports (except in France where they are actually treating MMF & ASIA).

Studies on Vaccine.Guide >> Adverse Reactions >> Autoimmunity.

MMR and DPT Vaccines Utterly Destroy This Child’s Life Forever


  • Regressive – normal function to autism; disease process not “correlation does not equal causation” (Wakefield)
  • 1 in 10,000 for decades, now 1 in 36
  • Mechanism of action for injury (brain swelling, gut, etc.)
  • Science studies
  • 1986 law, 1989 schedule increase, 1991 mercury removal, flu shot
  • Increasing use of aluminum in vaccines, aluminum adjuvants never scientifically determined safe prior to use in vaccines.
  • Wakefield’s findings
  • Not better diagnosing
  • “Denial” by Olmsted & Blaxill
  • Autism recovery – proof of vaccine damage
  • Autism omnibus proceedings and corruption of the DOJ. Sheryl Attkisson’s video:


When vaccine manufacturers were being inundated with lawsuits over vaccines and the injuries they cause, rather than expect the industry to make vaccines safer for the public, our government removed liability from them, in order to preserve vaccines (rather than protect the people).

Vaccine Court / VAERS

  • The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) was originally intended to provide quick compensation to families of vaccine injury. However, 2/3 of all petitions to the Vaccine Court are denied, it is extremely difficult to “win” in Vaccine Court and it is a very long, arduous process.
  • Well over 99% of vaccine adverse events are not captured by the VAERS system. While automated reporting to VAERS is possible, the CDC has chosen to not implement an automated reporting system of vaccine injury.

Vaccines Caused My Child’s Autism and Are Destroying Our Children

Doctors dismiss vaccine injury

When a parent notices a significant change in their child after vaccination, including death, the standard reply by virtually all pediatricians, emergency room doctors and family doctors is universally the same: the health issue is a “coincidence,” the health issue is “normal,” “unrelated” or the death – which is never fully investigated – is “undetermined” or “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome” (SIDS).

Health insurance companies financially reward pediatricians when they achieve vaccine compliance for their pediatric patients so reporting adverse reactions or acknowledging them would reduce their financial windfalls.

Here is a study on “simultaneous SIDS” where previously healthy twins both suddenly died two days post-vaccination, shattering the “coincidence” argument.

Autopsies DO NOT assess for toxicity or damage from vaccination. No standard protocol exists to check for vaccine injury upon the sudden death of a child who recently received vaccines. VICP compensated SIDS case describing the mechanism by which vaccines caused sudden death.


The Vaccine Free Parenting MasterClass

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11. Vaccine Injury Treatment and Recovery
12. Join The Fight To End Medical Tyranny

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Jeannie (@guest_2)
3 years ago

We have several children in our family who suffer from post vaccination adverse reactions. My daughter almost died in 1985. Her healthy 2 and half year old son was vaccinated in 2005 and suddenly became autistic, night terrors, head banging plus much more. I have so many stories from just our family alone. What makes me the maddest is that the Drs threaten the moms with CPS or bully them into doing it. So of course these moms are. They also get told that if they space them out nothing will happen. Two of the moms refuse to believe the many, many health problems are from the vaccinations because the Dr said. Including seizures, fainting spells, regression, allergies, migraines, IBS, adhd, and the list goes on.

Delores (@guest_3)
3 years ago

I think its horrible that the CDC lies to the American people, I seen a list of mothers who got the CV vaccine and within 2 days lost there babies. When I asked why it was given to the mothers that were pregnant and she said the cdc does what they can. How many babies and people have to die before they stop giving this experimental vaccine to people.

Fortune Debbah
Fortune Debbah (@guest_4)
3 years ago

We need our freedom Tx Del

tony (@guest_5)
3 years ago

the truth has no excuses the truth will never lie the truth is solid the truth is god


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